Basic Chess Tips 1

It has been awhile that we update this blog. Anyway, here are some awesome tips that amateurs need to know.

Throughout the opening to middle game, most of us feel difficult to calculate or plan the moves because there were too many candidate moves (pawns, bishops, knights, rooks, etc.).

Steps of thinking:

1. First of all, find those pieces that are not secured or undefended by any other pieces.
2. If there is no unprotected piece that you can not find, then it is best to search for the least unprotected piece.

Thinking guides [CCTI]:

1. Check - find a way to check, if any.
2. Capture - capture those unprotected or find a winning 'trade-in'.
3. Trap - set a 'capture zone' for a 'big' valued pieces, ie. Queen, Rooks.
4. Improve - If there are none of the above, improve & secure your space and positions; cramped & push the opponent back to their home.

Below you may see branches of thinking steps, simplified ways that we may use it, it seems quite easy.


Many of us find that there was not enough time to win the game because we do simple mistakes in the thinking method. Even the GM advised us to be able to thik and calculate at least 3-steps move calculation.

That's it...until next time. Adios.

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