World Youngest Chess "Master"

Some say it is weird when kids at a young age can perform well in chess. Well, I say every single human being has a wonderful brain that capable of everything. I went to a chess tournament somewhere in the UK and I only see middle age people with a few youngsters. Unlike in Asian countries, we can see a huge number of kids playing chess in the open categories against the older ones. It is really embarrassing to lose to those kids though.

However, the main factors are fundings, education and supportive parents. With these, that brain can turn anybody to somebody. Fundings (a lot of it) are needed to buy chess books, hire a chess coach, pay chess tournaments fees etc. (Perhaps someday, chess will be the game for the rich ones only).

Samuel spends at least two hours a day studying chess, playing against his father Armen Sevian, 37, and practising over the internet with his coach, international master Andranik Matikozyan, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

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