12 Common Mistakes

Many beginners or even 'good' players lose their games because of many factors. The game that they should win but they lost. Try to avoid 12 common opening mistakes which would lead to lose or perhaps an uncomfortable middlegame positions:

1. Exposing your KING

2. Losing Material

3. Failing to castle

4.Attacking prematurely

5. Losing control of the center

6. Moving the same piece twice

7. Not developing all pieces

8. Developing the Queen too early

9. Pawn-grabbing

10. Blocking pieces with pawns

11. Making unnecessary with pawn moves

12. Giving useless checks

(Ronald H. Curry et. al, May 1995,Win at Chess)

You may saw these when you play with your small kids or whoever just started playing chess. Or you yourself may have experiences 'em all.

If one may have analyzed own games or follow the basics of opening, he or she may successfully achieved the middle game with better hopes. Unlike if you like to play an odd opening like Clyde Nakamura's favourites.

Garry Kasparov used to say that the opening moves are normally 10-15 moves. So ideally, soon after 10-15 of your moves, you should 'hold-on' a minute & analyze your pieces & board (space)! Ask yourself-have you achieve the position you want? If you practice & less blunder - i'm sure you'll greatly improve & win more games too.

Hope these tips will help us all to improve in chess!

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